Our Mission

Raymond Foundation provides care to orphans and vulnerable children, supports education, and relieves poverty and financial hardship for those most in need.

We help rebuild worn-out village schools, provide financial aid to students in need, and support living expenses for several orphanages in rural China.

On April 14, a 7.1 magnitude earthquakehit Yushu, Qinghai, China.

*  90% of houses collapsed
*  10,000 families homeless
*  Sub-zero winter is coming in 2 months

Raymond Foundation & Lynck Foundation are donating 10,000 Heating Stoves to help Earthquake Victims, and you can help, too. 吳氐基金會和毅寧基金會發起捐助青海玉樹結古鎮一萬個暖爐,協助仍住在帳篷中的災民,度過零下的冬天,你也可以為這項協助出一份力。<click to read more

Our Work

Orphanage Support
  • 則熱福利院
  • 曲麻菜孤兒院
  • 臨夏木場兒童福利院
Rebuild Village School Student Financial Aids
  • High School Students
  • College School Students